Practise for Neurology

with Nerve Ultrasound

Dr. med Alexandra Borchert does not only offer treatment of the typical neurological diseases, but also innovative solutions for the visualization of peripheral nerves by using high-resolution ultrasound. She combines many years of experience with new technologies.

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In our practice, patients with neurological diseases are offered a wide range of services in combination with the latest technology and great expertise in the field of neurology.

Our patients with foreign health insurance will receive an invoice and can declare the cost with their health insurance company.

Part of our conept is to allow short-term appointments for acute issues. Since patients with complex problems present themselves in our practice, it is part of our concept to offer sufficient time for the examination. For the first visit, we kindly ask you to bring your medical records.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Privatpraxis in Aachen

Newest technology

Our practice offers the newest technologies. The equipment is of particular importance for the resolution of the ultrasound image and Dr. Borchert has one of the leading ultrasound devices in this field.

Personal Treatment

  • Nerve and muscle ultrasound
  • Vascular ultrasound (cerebrovascular)
  • Neurophysiology: electromyography, evoked potentials, nerve conduction
  • Evaluation of tremor
  • Cognitive tests
  • And more
  • Specialty

    Nerve and muscle ultrasound and electrophysiology. Dr. Borchert is certified by DEGUM and DGKN.

    For every patient

    However, it is a private practice, so that legally insured patients use our services as self-payers. Part of our conept is to allow short-term appointments for acute issues.

    Patients Experience

    Very empathetic and confident doctor. After a long odyssey (multiple MRIs and doctor changes) I finally found help! Really very recommendable!
    Maike A.
    Miss Dr. I found Borchert to be very friendly and competent. She took the time to examine everything carefully. I found it particularly good that the appointment was made so quickly and that I didn't have to wait in practice.
    Philipp T.
    Dr. Borchert is wonderful. I finally know what causes my pain and how I can get therapy for it.
    Hans B.

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