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My team and I are easily reachable by phone and e-mail. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For your convenience, you can also fill out the following form. Alternatively, you may make an appointment directly through our online portale. Via our online portal you can select dates directly.  


Private practice (private health insurers and self-payers). If you are a patient with statutory health insurance, we will be happy to provide care at your own expense.

Appointments can be made via:


Phone: +49-160-8804604 (daily until 14:30 o‘clock)

alternatively +49-241-40088825


Fax-No: +49-241-40088824 



Boxgraben 56 – 58
52064 Aachen

(in the rooms of the Pauwelsklinik, ground floor)

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